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this is our community - not yours, so by gaining the right to write in here you have displayed the excellence that we see in ourself....we take no responsibility for what is said an if we offend you - we have succeeded.
Dec. 8th, 2004 @ 09:11 am (no subject)
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ok girls yeah when i left you heres what happened - dont spread this like bread or alternatively peanut butter on bread/toast.
ok so who was i with
ryan- of the white variety
nev - ryans hot 19 yr old cousin
kelly - the boy one who was funny accented an very very drunk
ryan was vey drunk to an he was liek "here i want you to wear my hat" his $300 hat that he loves he wanted me to wear it - i wonder if emma ever has? mwahahahahaha an yeah nev was drunk to an was 3 days (now 2) of gettin full license so if caught he be royally fucked up an loose license we went salisbury to pick up girl kelly an jenna....they were ok an for some reason nev got out an let drunk head kelly drive so we over took a car on the left park lane an next minute car flashin light at us an was cops an got out an they had talk an me ryan n girls in back goin oh god were fucked - ryan was so pissed off an scared haha i was just sleepin in his hat.
ok so they got bk in car - no bretho an we went bk to kelly apartment he share with brother who is exact same as him accent an all...we drank they tried get me do shotties but no i cant so drank mix voddie an lemonade an then i dunno not drunk an ryan was all "come on bernie we meet up every week end an never hook up" an i wasnt drunk an was annoyed he used the whole i wanna beat nathan excuse i was leik so im just some girl you oth tryin to get to first! but i dunno some how i was given johnie an coke an i ove it more than beam an coke its less stroing taste but gets you royally fucked fast ok an i dunno ryan was all hold hand in style of link fingers intwined not mine over yours an ahhhh an yeah brushin hair etc. was so nice an he all drunk an then i dunno i went toilet that rite coz he was pressure my stomach an then i coudlnt go coz no lock on door so went back main room an sat on floor across evtire room from ryan an he came over an dragged me to him haha an thats were my mother bruise on my arm is from...so he on couch an i on floor at feet facing away an he all hgg n his neck but i was so drunk could barely tell - rite then i was liek no i need pee man so girl - jenna - stood at door coz ryan said i guard door an i no trust an anyway i peein an hear yellin then quiet an scared an finish an open door an ryan had tried get in i think an had pull over this book shelf an puttin all stuff back on it...i fell on the couch an ryan came over an yeah he was liek come on - an i drank more haha i drank way to much for sumone who had eaten like nothing ok then he was like come on...OK IF U DUN WAN BE GROS OUT SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH coz i was on couch he was kneel on floor leanin on my knees towrds me rite an i dunno i open m legs an he was liek all rubbin up against me with his body an omg i nearly liek fuckin exploded so yeah...

we def hooked up then an then i drank more an then again an i dunno then some how on floor an lights on an i was fallin asleep an he liek lye next an grabbin my fat ass ahhaha funny an hookin up an nev saw coz light on an went "oi man your doin it" an i laughed an then i teeth butted ryan an he was liek oww man an i was pissin self laughin an shit an i thin pass out or fall asleep was funny either way...then i merge to couch an sleep i think no wait i fell off thats rite i fell off couch an smashed head on coffeee table an laugh heaps an heaps an heaps an ryan was all omg are you ok watch out dont get up lie there etc.

was funny ok then i really think i passed out or sumtin there is a huge blank spot missin but i no i hook ed up several times with him an i was all omg! haha moni n sarah were sayin how he was bad hook pu coz all tongue but jess was worse at least ryan didnt live saliva everywere hahaha omg i prob did it was ryan omg best anyway i dunno i didnt think was bad - i was drunk im so very omg how bad was i? coz next morn i heard them get up - well i was awoken by nev sitting on he and thrusting hahah an i had no energy to push off so i let him go for a while ;) yeah but i try go bk sleep an i herd nev n ryan talkin sayin liek sumtin like
ryan "man she let me do shit you know"
nev "*mumble mumble* man thats wrong"
ok they better not be talk botu me an sumtin i cant remember all i no is the ass grabbin massage thing oh wait haha nah still....i felt all omg cant talk to you ever again. it was wierd an i didnt lok at him that morn i dont think i kinda ignor him somehow - only contact to girls an nev an omg wierd....

anyway i went target with moni hour early - she start 5 we went at 4 an went in talked to l.b an as walkin saw ryan an he broomed a box at me an i turn round an smile an give glare to him an turn back in search of l.b an moni like "hi-there!" liek she do an was very exbarass - an irish guy from furniture who actually english kept look me funny - i think he knows

thats all - i hooked up with ryan white!

an now nathan msg sayin do u liek ryan or me i want you to be mine when i come back i really liek you

Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 01:51 pm (no subject)
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this is scarier than apply at target
wat if my wierd lisp comes back an people laugh
Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 12:48 am (no subject)
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Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Musik: the chair (BoOoOYEAH!!!)

this is my first entrey in here so YAY. how are you b havent spoken for abit?

umm not much. im horny. hahaha. i think its the combo of rain and hot(ish) weather. yup. steamy. haha.

Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 12:45 am (no subject)
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Booyeah! YAY to Bernie for making the communtiy! Its awsome....well babes..im hell tired so im going to go..love ya lots
Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 12:28 am (no subject)
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Current Mood: hornyhorny 4 ryan n matt
can i just say how hot is matt?
for those of you unaware matt is the person featured in the bkground - he is liek sex on legs but he left the band so now i cant stalk him at shows....haha hot he like 19 yr old version of ryan white! mmmmmm ryan *orgasm*
Nov. 1st, 2004 @ 09:05 pm yall
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Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Musik: britney - provocative on nova
nicole how hot was the guys in the car - booyeahomg ryan next week im gonna die! do you think it will happen?

dan - omg im seein him 2mr i wil make sure its al good an il see if he asks bout you....

grrrrr i dont no how to get rid of the bloody calander at the top of the page i dun wanna ruin the rest of it - does it lookok? i hope so i tried hard to create this it took like an hour - ooooomg english is over - yay!
Nov. 1st, 2004 @ 08:18 pm (no subject)
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grls welcome...

enjoy, mingle, talk bout crap - lets see if anyone else wants to join! :p